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Yes, we looked younger then... :-)

The MJQ Project is really a Labour of Love.

Together with vibist Andres Liefsoens (looking a lot older now than on the above picture), I meticulously transcribed some 40 original Modern Jazz Quartet arrangements, convinced that the MJQ's music should be played live! That means: as it is - for most John Lewis compositions cannot be separated from their arrangement...

The MJQ Project offers the same fortes as the original MJQ: strong compositions, elaborate arrangements, well-rehearsed and disciplined ensemble playing, interspersed by subtle but heavy swinging solos. They combine a classical chamber music group's precision with a classy jazz quartet's sophistication; they reconcile classical compository principles and forms (such as the fugue) with an authentic down-to-earth bluesfeeling. The telepathy-like interplay of musicians playing together for a long time (that is, since 2000) is obvious...

Most of the time, The MJQ Project is not very active - the music is too hard to play only every now and then. But offer us three gigs in a row, and we'll be flying!

Moreover: in April/May 2020, we do have a series of concerts!

The rhythm section is completed by Flor Van Leugenhaeghe and Luc Vanden Bosch